Types of Cotton and Canvas Bags You’ll Love to Carry

Who doesn’t love a good cotton or canvas tote? Raise your hand! No one? To tell the truth it isn’t

February 15, 2023

Who doesn’t love a good cotton or canvas tote? Raise your hand! No one? To tell the truth it isn’t surprising given the current global obsession with these eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags.

But cotton and canvas can be so much more than a standard tote and that’s why we’re sharing 3 bag styles you’re going to love in 2023 and beyond!

Canvas Backpack

Canvas is a remarkably durable fabric, capable of withstanding plenty of wear and tear…which makes it the perfect material for backpacks.

Canvas gives off a natural and organic aesthetic, similar to what one achieves with leather, but it is much more versatile and lower in maintenance. Another benefit—canvas looks equally stylish when slung of the shoulders of men and women, making it a wonderful unisex option for new parents not interested in carrying a traditional diaper bag.
Perfect for work. Wonderful for weekend hikes. You just won’t find a better option for your next pack.

Cotton or Canvas Duffle

Duffle bags are dynamite for traveling because you can fit so much inside. Seriously, thanks to their featherlight weight and soft sides, you can stuff every nook and cranny with everything you’ll need, something that just can’t happen when using a hard-sided suitcase. And the high squishability (if this isn’t a word, it should be) factor of duffels allows you to squeeze them into leftover space in the airplane overhead bin that suitcase owners just can’t use.

A good duffle makes the perfect weekend or travel bag. You can pack plenty of clothing, all your essentials, and still have plenty of room for souvenirs.


The Classic Tote Bag

It may be an oldie, but the classic canvas tote is still very much a goodie. Canvas totes are having a moment these days and have graced multiple runways of spring fashion shows. Perhaps it’s their classic lines or their ability to complement a variety of styles from utilitarian to haute couture. Whatever the reason, designers are finally grasping what the rest of the world has known for years—the tote bag is inexplicably effortless and timelessly trendy.

Totes are most loved for their versatility. They make marvelous market bags and hold heavy produce and cans without fear of tearing. They can be used for overnight bags, easily holding a few essentials and a change of clothes. Moms love using tote bags for trips to the park, pool, or beach as they can hold snacks, drinks, toys, wallets, and keys in one convenient bag.

And so…

We hope this has inspired you to expand your collection of cotton or canvas bags. And if you’re looking for a reliable purveyor of quality canvas bags and totes, we hope you’ll contact us at Cooper Canvas. Our bags are eco-friendly and constructed from top-quality canvas that is sure to meet your needs while exceeding your expectations.

No matter which bag you choose, just remember you can never go wrong with cotton or canvas!

Written By: Sonia Irani
Director of Marketing | Cooper Industries Canvas PVT Ltd.


Sonia is an experienced marketer who has been working for companies big and small for over a decade. It was not until recently that her sister and inherited a global canvas exporting business from their father that she realised her passion for all things canvas.

She is now on a mission to make the world as eco-friendly as possible – one canvas tote at a time!

Known for her skills and integrity coupled with a positive outlook, Sonia runs Cooper Industries with passion to ensure the Cooper Legacy lives on.