Fits Like a Glove: 4 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Safety Gloves in the Workplace

If we asked you to think about personal protection equipment, your first thought might be a hard hat

September 3, 2022

If we asked you to think about personal protection equipment, your first thought might be a hard hat or a sturdy pair of steel-toed boots. As it turns out, a solid pair of safety gloves should be the item at the top of your list…because they just might keep you out of the ER and save your life.

Consider this—the rate of reported hand injuries in NSW is nearly double that of any other bodily location, and cuts and open wounds account for most of those injuries. Considering the amount of time one must take away from work waiting for such injuries to heal, it only makes sense to wear a pair of quality safety gloves while on the job.

Still need convincing? Here are 4 reasons wearing safety gloves just makes sense.

  1. Protects Against Scrapes and Abrasions

Wearing a pair of well-constructed gloves means your wrists, hands, and fingers are protected from the scrapes and abrasions that often occur while on the job. While a scrape may not seem like the end of the world, there’s always a chance that such injuries can become infected, forcing one to take time from work to see a doctor and allow the healing process to take place.

  1. Prevents Puncture Injuries

Puncture injuries can happen on the job when you’re using power tools, hand tools, and other sharp objects. Such wounds can cause significant pain and require extensive medical care. Safety gloves offer protection from such injuries as they are crafted from tightly woven fibers. Split leather safety gloves are also excellent at preventing puncture injuries since the leather is naturally resistant to punctures, cuts, and tears.

  1. Protects Hands from Chemical Burns

There are times when your job may require you to transport and handle various chemical agents. Wearing a good pair of safety gloves provides significant protection to the skin of the hands and wrists in the event of an accidental chemical spill. Keep cleaners, poisons, and other chemicals away from your skin and out of your system by wearing safety gloves before you touch any dangerous substances.

  1. Can Withstand Temperature Extremes

Whether your job requires you to use your hands around hot or cold temperatures, safety gloves can make working in fluctuating temperatures easier and safer.

Regular gloves can become stiff and brittle in cold temperatures, reducing their effectiveness. Safety gloves designed for cold environments are perfect for protecting the hands while providing protection against hypothermia and frostbite.

On the other hand (and pardon the pun), heat-resistant safety gloves are designed to protect the hands of workers from extremely high temperatures.

If you are on the hunt for quality safety gloves at a reasonable price, we hope you’ll contact us at Cooper Canvas. We carry a variety of gloves, from split leather safety gloves to leather welding gloves, at a price that just might surprise you.

Taking care of your employees doesn’t have to break the bank. Let us bring safety and security to your team and your workplace.

Written By: Sonia Irani
Director of Marketing | Cooper Industries Canvas PVT Ltd.


Sonia is an experienced marketer who has been working for companies big and small for over a decade. It was not until recently that her sister and inherited a global canvas exporting business from their father that she realised her passion for all things canvas.

She is now on a mission to make the world as eco-friendly as possible – one canvas tote at a time!

Known for her skills and integrity coupled with a positive outlook, Sonia runs Cooper Industries with passion to ensure the Cooper Legacy lives on.