4 Reasons Why Canvas Totes are Still King in 2023

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe 2023 is here, but here she is indeed. And as is often the case

January 12, 2023

Happy New Year!
It’s hard to believe 2023 is here, but here she is indeed. And as is often the case when a new year rolls around, we look forward to a fresh start and fresh new trends to differentiate this year from the last.

Happy New Year!

While many things are undoubtedly changing (we hear cargo/utility pants are going to be huge this year!), some trends are carrying over, and we’re thrilled to say the sporting of canvas totes is one of them.


Last year saw canvas bags become the darlings of designer runways around the world, and the love affair shows no sign of slowing down. And so, we thought we’d devote today’s blog to the top 4 reasons canvas totes will continue to be white hot in 2023.

  1. They Complement the Utilitarian Trend

We’re not talking about the cargo pants your parents wore in the 90s, friends. This new iteration of utility wear is definitely glammed up a bit, and it is perfectly complimented with a clean, canvas tote thrown over the shoulder.

  1. They are Environmentally Friendly

As the world continues to watch our oceans fill with single-use plastics, canvas bags have become an increasingly popular alternative.

Totes made from canvas are wonderfully durable and can be used thousands of times before breaking down, unlike their plastic alternatives which will sit in landfills for thousands of years.


While it may seem overwhelming to try to figure out how to fix the environmental damage that has already been done, carrying a canvas tote shows the world you’re committed to making a difference in your own little corner of the earth.

  1. They’re Wonderfully Customisable

One of the best things about a blank canvas tote is the fact that is…well, a blank canvas. Totes can be personalized in millions of ways. Whether you want to paint yours yourself or have a meaningful quote or image screen printed onto your bag, you can ensure that no one in the world will be out carrying the same bag as you.

  1. They’re Surprisingly Versatile

Versatility will be big in 2023, and no bag is more versatile than the canvas tote.


You know they make great market and grocery bags, but they’re equally excellent for toting towels and water bottles to the gym or beach. They even make great overnight bags or can serve as your extra carry-on bag when you fly.

Happy New Year! 1

Canvas totes are a lot like Dolly Parton – they’re perfect in every situation and everyone loves them.


If you are looking to purchase canvas totes for your business, we hope you will consider shopping with Cooper Canvas. Our canvas bags are biodegradable, all-natural, and available in a variety of styles. Whether you are looking for small, open totes or larger bags with zipper closures, you’ll find what you need in our online store.


Contact us today for a custom quote. We would be honored to earn your trust and business.

Written By: Sonia Irani
Director of Marketing | Cooper Industries Canvas PVT Ltd.


Sonia is an experienced marketer who has been working for companies big and small for over a decade. It was not until recently that her sister and inherited a global canvas exporting business from their father that she realised her passion for all things canvas.

She is now on a mission to make the world as eco-friendly as possible – one canvas tote at a time!

Known for her skills and integrity coupled with a positive outlook, Sonia runs Cooper Industries with passion to ensure the Cooper Legacy lives on.