3 Reasons to Pack Away Your Purses and Carry a Canvas Tote Instead

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If you’ve noticed an uptick in the number of people carrying canvas totes in lieu of a traditional shoulder- or handbag, you aren’t alone.

Canvas totes are having a moment in the fashion industry, one that has been gaining traction steadily over the past five years. Way back in 2017, New Yorker Magazine caused such a stir with the beautifully designed canvas bag that came as a thank-gift to subscribers, media outlets commented that NYC’s elite were leaving their $10,000 Hermès bags at home because the New Yorker’s canvas tote was a greater status symbol.


The momentum for canvas totes has continued to build over the years and people of all types—from the eco-conscious to the preppy—are opting to carry canvas for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at 3 of the top reasons people are choosing canvas over more traditional bag options.

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1 – They’re Wonderfully Versatile

No matter where you’re going—to the park, the gym, the market, or an office meeting—a canvas tote works for any situation.

They’re fantastically simple and adaptable. You can have them printed with virtually any text or design you prefer and in a variety of colours, ensuring your bag will compliment both your outfit and your environment.

It’s hard to find a bag that looks equally at home at the beach or a fancy weekend brunch…but canvas bags certainly fit the bill.

2 – They’re Good for the Environment

Part of the reason canvas totes are popular right now is due Gen Z and their commitment to the health of the planet. But this trend isn’t limited to the young.

Eco-conscious shoppers of all ages are gravitating to canvas and cotton totes because they are cute and reusable and using them helps cut down on the amount of plastic bags in landfills. Canvas totes last for years and, when they finally do break down, the material is biodegradable…unlike plastics, which linger on the earth for centuries.

3 – They Don’t Skimp on Style

We mentioned the New Yorker bag that made people lose their minds. For a more recent example, check out this story about the Texas-based athleisure brand, Outdoor Voices, whose canvas tote went viral after the company asked users to submit photos of them out and about with their tote.

And let’s forget about nautical boater bags. These totes are uber functional while still giving off a preppy and trendy vibe. Take the prep factor to the next level by adding a between the straps…so adorable!

So, the next time you’re looking to expand your purse collection, consider opting for a canvas bag instead. It’s quite possible you could end up starting the next big bag trend!

But even if that doesn’t happen, you’ll love having a comfortable bag that is capable of carrying all of your essentials while still helping out the environment.

And if you decide you want to try to recapture the magic of the New Yorker’s tote for your own business, contact us for wholesale pricing.

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Written By: Sonia Irani
Director of Marketing | Cooper Industries Canvas PVT Ltd.


Sonia is an experienced marketer who has been working for companies big and small for over a decade. It was not until recently that her sister and inherited a global canvas exporting business from their father that she realised her passion for all things canvas.

She is now on a mission to make the world as eco-friendly as possible – one canvas tote at a time!

Known for her skills and integrity coupled with a positive outlook, Sonia runs Cooper Industries with passion to ensure the Cooper Legacy lives on.

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