5 Reason Why Your Business Needs Custom Tote Bags

Custom Tote Bags

There’s no question about it—canvas totes are having a MOMENT in 2021. Everywhere you look, people are forgoing their Louis Vuitton bags and tossing a tote over their shoulder.

Need more convincing? Consider this—fashion powerhouse Vogue included a canvas tote on their list of must-have bags for 2021. Full disclosure…the Vogue option is ultra-luxe and bougie, but it makes our point that tote bags are scratching a fashion itch this year.

So, it makes perfect sense that now is the time to jump on the tote bag bandwagon and create an on-brand version for your business.


Let’s look at 5 reasons why.
Canvas Tote Bags

1 – They’re Environmentally Friendly

People love carrying a bag that serves multiple purposes and promotes sustainability. If you opt to market your bag with a well-crafted design and messaging about saving the planet, your business will be viewed as more eco-conscious, and millennials everywhere will want to carry your tote.

2 – They’re Great for Brand Exposure

Back in 2017, The New Yorker Magazine included a free tote bag with every subscription. The totes quickly went viral and NYC residents were suddenly clamoring to get one. Mothers and daughters were fighting over who would carry the tote for the day. And the magazine sat back and lavished in all the organic publicity.

This bag ticks all the boxes—a clever design, in an eye-catching pattern, with a minimal color scheme, and perfectly on brand. Anyone who walks by knows exactly who created the bag…and they most likely want one.

3 – They’re a Cost-Conscious Marketing Option

Promotional products can run the gamut when it comes to expense, and this is certainly true for tote bags. While you can cheaply purchase some made of synthetic materials, you may want to opt for a classic cotton canvas bag. Not only will it convey a more eco-friendly aesthetic, but the organic look is currently on-trend and it will have a higher likelihood of getting attention.

4 – They Help Reduce Plastic Bag Use

By offering tote bags to customers, you’re letting the world know you care about the environment. This is a great point to promote on social media platforms. Encourage followers to share how they use their tote bag. Share any photos or posts on your own pages. Create a post (or even a blog article) explaining why taking care of the environment matters to your company and the number of plastic bags that stay out of landfills when your tote bag is used during grocery runs.

5 – They’re Fantastically Functional

We’ve all been there. You go to a job fair or trade show and come home with a wealth of promotional swag…most of which ends up in the trash or the furthest corners of your desk drawers.

Not so with tote bags, primarily because they are so very functional. Use them to carry your laptop to meetings. Throw in your workout clothes for a gym run after work. Toss in the kids’ water toys and accessories for easy transport to the beach or pool.

When it comes to marketing your business, the right bag with the right branding can work wonders. Make it a goal of 2021 to promote with a tote…you just might be surprised what a stir a tote bag can create!

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